champagne supernova
2003-02-08 17:50:48 (UTC)

"i'd give my life to bring him back"- chicago

i wish bobby could just appear before my very eyes, right
now.i miss him so much and last night we had a great
conversation. although we of course talked about "pedro and
veronica"..which is normal for us now a and
talked about how saturday morning cartoons have gone down
the toilet. i mean come on...think about it, it used to be
the road runner..wil e. coyote, and the bugs and daffy
show! that thing was awesome! i woud sit there the whole
morning and watch it...and even wake up early sometime and
make sure i caught the very first cartoon..and problem ....casue there was like one
commercial and then a school house rock!!!! those were the
best part! "im just a bill...yea im only a
bill""conjunction, conjunction, whats your
fuction?"..i could go on and on with those things im its pretty sad... but hey...those were the
days ! ..but the bottom line in this entry is that i miss
bobby and we still are the biggest goobers, or in this
case "corn balls",,lol anwho i am gonna go call him right
now.. ill talk to yall later buhbye!