ergot and the ju ju queen

antipodean delights...
2001-09-22 09:52:32 (UTC)

How Bizarre!

How Bizarre! An instant connection. With someone so
inherently different to me.. poles apart.. yet so many
similarities! :)

I had met R the hairdresser for perhaps 5 minutes...
clicked already.

He's washing my hair, my mobile rings. I decline to answer,
but he brings it to me. It's the BBM.

R starts crying out (right beside the mouth piece..) "Come
back to bed darling.. grab another martini and come back
here.. ha ha ha" (evil laughing lol)

Not the best thing to say when the BBM's listening, then
asking dozens of questions.. "who/what/where/why?"

Talk about Bizarro World! Nearly everything we said to each
other, there was a coincidence to link it to the other!

Everything I said, R would say, "Get out of here! That's
soooo bizarre!"

Everything he would say, I would say, "No way! Bizarre!"

We talked and talked and laughed and laughed. It was fun.
We clicked.

Can you imagine... me... clicking with a gay New Ager? lol

I hate labels too.. don't start throwing rotten fruit at
me.. ;) Because neither he nor I can be neatly labelled
like that.. but just to give you a better idea.

He told P and D when they were there to get their hair done
yesterday, that he's going out for coffee with me.. :) And
he was surprised when they said they were going out with me
that night..

Oh well.. just wanted to write it down.. :)

It was a bizarre (that word! lol) connection.. I liked it.


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