Restless Comet Diary
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2003-02-08 16:17:34 (UTC)

Things happen for some reason

Hey hey hey hey!!!:)
I'm here with my little brother Robert.He came to visit us
before my mother is leaving.She is going to buy him a
present tomorrow.A good-bye present.I'm
come I don't get a good-bye present?Oh!I forgot..I never
get any present.What do I need present for hehe...It's ok...

The contest was pretty hard but I had fun.God!I've never
laughed so much in my whole life.After I finished the
subjects I had to wait for Dana to finish.Alex was there.He
was making jokes and funny faces.Hahaha I laughes with
tears.Even now when I remember I feel like laughing....

I'm starting to miss a lot of persons.Remember Kit?I
haven't talked to him for such a long time and he used to
be a nice person hehe...Or Maria...she sent me a postcard
from Italy.I'll write her back when I'll have some
money.I'm so lonely right now.Feeling like I'd like to hear
someone talking to me...I don't like to be alone.All the
persons I used to care a lot about went far away or are
just not talking to me anymore for a reason or other....
Maybe I just have to be I'll be...I can wait a
lifetime hehe....I like that thing that says "don;t take
life seriously,noone got out of it alive"