Beautiful Migraine

Beautiful Migraine [ Non Sia Blu]
2001-09-22 09:08:47 (UTC)


I Wish I could stop worrying so's making me fuckin
paranoid.I tell my sister Charlie not to worry about
anything and here I am unable to fall asleep due to the
fear that not something awful is gonna happen.

I miss my painkillers.Painkillers are good....

I want Mikey Welsh back!!! I know I'm such a fuckin baby
but what the fuck I don't care.Nothing against this Scott
dude but I miss mikey. It won't be the same without him--at
least for me it won't.

I got to see Erik today--he's gettin so big.He's not even 1
year old and he's so big was nice seeing him
again.I wonder if he knows who I am.I hate getting
depressed. Anger is a much better emotion.

I hung out with Blowjob today and Painkiller--it was fun.
We had a discussion on what makes weezer such a great band.
At the end of that discussion we came to the realization
that we have too much time on our hands and that we should
probably get a fuckin life.