2001-09-22 08:33:36 (UTC)

Hair Salon? At Jess's House?! With Kat cutting!

Hm...tonight was rather interesting. Ok, so first off,
Kat, Di, and I were supposed to go to the football game in
LB, but Kat had tennis from 6-7, and didn't get home until
745. I so thought she blew me off, and I was terribly
angry and dissapointed. I didn't know that she had tennis,
so I freaked out, but its all good. Anyhow, we all ended
up at Jess's house, and we pretty much just chilled out. I
kinda rolled around and messed around with pillows and
stuff. Played a little twister. Then the exciting part:
since my hair was all messed up and long, Kat wanted to cut
my hair...and I agreed. So yah, we went into the bathroom,
and started snippin...til Kat took a big ol' snip, and
said "oops." Yah, then the nerves start getting jumpy.
Well, then Alex started it up, and Kat joined in, Jess
swept up my loads and loads of hair off the ground and
toilet. The laceration continued, and then they finshed.
Jess actually did snip some of my hair :0). So, yeah,
memorable day. Memory that will stay in my mind for a good
long time. Check out my doo. It's bodacious.
Hmm...sleepy, I'll finish tommorow when my brain can
process information.

Why does sleep sound so enjoyable? It's something that
requires you to lie down and not move for a good long time.