Cosmic Rain
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2003-02-08 15:29:15 (UTC)


It's funny seeing that song in Wen's journal. A song I have
been listening to non stop for a good while now. That
someone else has felt it also in some sort of depth. I
don't know why I feel I relate to it. I know there is
something about it that I relate to. A small connection. A
feeling that it brings across. But one I can't really
explain. It's upbeat and makes me smile to myself, but sad
same time. Well maybe not sad, but thoughtful. It makes me
think. It's life in a song. Maybe not the entirity of life,
but parts of it. Maybe parts of everyone's life. I usually
listen to it when I am wandering around the house doing
things. Thinking things. Life is moving, but still same
time. It makes me want to go for a walk and look at the
world. Look at things around me. Take things in. And wake
up to the world. It feels like the song you wake up to, as
you face things in life you don't want to. And it all feels
dragging and listless, but something also feels upbeat.
That outside might yes be grey, but something for sure
makes life worth living that bit more in all it's
absurdness and dilemna. So when Life As A House started and
the song started to play I could see why they chose it. And
why I now play a lot of it.

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