Raven Barnhart
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2001-09-22 07:01:02 (UTC)

What happened today.!

Today was really bad for me because first of all I went
to school and one of my favorite classes is Creative
Writing and the assignment was to take 14 words that each
student picked and write a story about it and turn it in
before the deadline. Well I did that all on time but today
we recieved the class ranking and I was for sure that I
would make it into the top five, but what really happened
was that I ranked 12th place and that made me feel so upset
because I wrote about something that ment so dear to me in
which that case would be my sister.
Later on that day I was in another class and I was
thinking about the love of my life and I wrote him a note.
Then when I wrote him a letter I told him that I would go
to his football game that I had planned to go to all week
and I was so excited to go because I hadn't gone to any of
them yet do the job that I have.
I couldn't wait, so when he brought me home I
automatically went and took a shower and got ready for the
game. I looked so good and the whole time that I was
getting ready I was thinking "Why don't I take time out of
my morning to stop and do my hair like that for school?"
At that moment in time I was not ready for the things that
I was about to find out. I was unable to go to the football
game after I had spent 2 hours getting ready for it. My
Uncle was supposed to take me to the game in which he had
promised me and when time came to go to the game he was not
home from work yet 2 hours later still not home and then he
came pulling up in the drive way and I was mad. It was to
late there wasn't even a point to show up now because by
the time that I would have got out there and the parking
lot would even be empty.
So by then my make-up was running down my face and I was
to the point where I wouldn't talk to anybody I was so
pissed. I had this great urge to Call someone to see if he
was out of the hospital yet, to my amazement he was and it
was so good to hear his voice and then it all changed
because he went back to being that same person and he was
such an asshole towards me and that hurt me so much and
then at that split moment he told me that I needed to go to
Anger Management Classes. I was on FIRE then, I told him
that he was in no place to tell me what I needed to go to
because he was parcially the reason I am the way that I am
I then hung up on him and went storming down the street,
then my cousin her name is Micki (by the way) came running
after wondering why I stormed off the way I did. I called
him back and the weirdest thing came out of his mouth and
it was so comforting he apologized to me for the way that
he has been treating me recently and also in the past and I
assured to him that he did not owe me any apology because
that would me that he was trying to feel sympathy for me
and I so did not want that from him.
Later on my baby called me and I had been crying for 2
hours and when he called my Uncle apologized for not taking
me to the game, when I received the phone he said Hello and
I replied after that he said you sound tired I then said
it's more than that I have been crying for 2 hours. He
asked would you like to go get something for dinner with
me? Have you eaten yet? I said instantly Yes, No I mean No,
Yes so what am I supposed to hang up now? Yes I love you.
My night from then on was like OH YEAH SMOOTH!!!
I love my baby and everything that he does and I really
didn't want him to leave I was in heaven's arms while he
was here and now he is gone so now I will go to sleep with
todays Very Good Memories That He Has Left Me With!!!!!!!!!!
Good night and I LOVE YOU CURTIS!!!!!!!!!BIG C!!!!!!!!
With Everlasting Love To Curtis L,

Love Raven Barnhart

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