Kat Eyes
2001-09-22 06:52:15 (UTC)

The First Dance....Sept.21,2001

Today had to have been the best day ever since school
started!we had our first dance today-an actual dance!it
went from 7 to 11 and had a great dj.i asked brian to the dance
yesterday(thursday),but he
said no.he said"if i go,i'll probably just hang out.i
didn't plan on going with someone"but he still told me that
he might go.guess what-he didn't!(boys!)at first i was
constantly checking the door to see if he was in line for a
ticket or something,but he wasn't there.neither was
troy.that sorta pissed me off because i'd swear that troy
told me that he was going.but,it was still awesome.in
history the other day,mrs.harrison split us into groups of
about six for this geography assingment.i was the only
girl,but there were lots of smart guys in my group,so it
was ok.but there was this one guy in my group who will
always stand out in my mind.his name is grahm(i can't spell
his name,but it's spelled like the crackers)and he's so
cool!i was talking to joey on the phone the other day and
joey told me something that i never thought he'd tell me.he
said that there's probably some guy out there for me.ME!i
can't picture joey saying that and i wouldn't have believed
if someone else had told me.i think grahm is the one.we get
a long so well.and he's cute!(some people might not think
so,but i do and thats what matters)and we talked at the
dance and i'd purposely go over to dance with him.and i
wanted a slow dance so bad,but i didn't get one with him.i
got one with david szabo!it's better than no slow dance,but
still...and he told me a few days ago that alot of his
friends nominated him for homecoming court.and guess what-
he won!well ok,he didn't win,but he made the top 10.thats
still pretty good.i really like brian,but grahm is gonna
give him a run for his money.at least grahm went.i have a
feeling that brian just plain isn't interested in me.but i
think that there's possibilities with grahm.he's so funny!
during the dance,he was doing the funky chicken and he
didn't care what the older people that were there thought
of him.thats totally cool to me.and patrick and eric and
timmy were there too.i saw patrick afterwards,but it wasn't
pretty.i just don't like patrick and i don't know why.maybe
because he hangs out with joey,but he isn't joey.if that
makes any sense.well,i have so much homework to do before
monday and its late and my feet and back hurt.plus,i need
to practice my moves.there was this cage thing where the
girls go and dance and alot of them went up,but i wouldn't
because i'm not that ggod.but grahm and all the hormone-
filled guys went up and were pushing to get themselves up
there.i'd love to do that because you get everyone's
attention and all the guys cheer for you.i totally love it!
so,i really need to practice.man i'm a loser