One hell of a life
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2003-02-08 09:19:45 (UTC)

2-8-03 entry forty

Not much to say - i FINALLY got all my hw done except for
art. Oh and I got this webcam, Lois and I took loads of
insane pics, but that happened like almost a week ago.
Went to Hua ting, got some more FRIENDS series...

blah blah.

Nothing much interesting. I keep having dreams about Alan
(hot 17/18 yr old at school, not the large guy)...kinda
nice ones!

Seriously, lately I haven't been thinking at all about
Shaun. He's like, nothing. Okay he's hot and stuff but I
dont want to date a guy who's in this "Gang" called the
P.O.S (Pimps of Shanghai) and who goes on from one group of
girls to the next. And I dont wanna be with a guy who gets
pissed off his face every friday and saturday, and
sometimes even weekdays. That's all just immature.

Lois - you're reading this yeah, dont tell him. Or Astrid
cause she might tell him. Cause I trust you. I hope I can.

Oh and before at school lois, igor and i were picked to have
our pics taken for the school newsletter. It's like Lo and i
represent SIS or something!! Our pic is on the advertisement
for SIS in "That's Shanghai" every month. And our pic is gonna
be on the website. And our pic is in the newsletter.
Okay it's starting to sound like im bragging now so I'm going
to stop.

oh yeah and I was talking to Alan (large alan from CISS) and
he told me after chinese new years he was coming to SIS! Ha,
how cool. He's a nice guy, even if he isnt hot.

I normally dont hang out with other ppl that much unless it's
like in some big group, but im gonna start to. usually I cant
be bothered. So when Lois leaves, I can hang out with others.
Cause i mean, it's not like we're going to be best friends
when she leaves right, I'm gonna like have a new one and so is
she. I mean we'll still be "best friends" though. I'm so
weird like that. I always have one best friend, then the next,
then another. I dunno, the only real best friend I had is
Giorgia, and that's cause we still kept in touch and visit
each other in summer. I'll have to see if that's what it'll be
like when Lo leaves - IF she leaves.

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