inque nine/synthetic sour
2001-09-22 06:39:20 (UTC)

i can't seem to find anyone unlike a crispy leaf on the ground.

hey. well i've made a big step in re-entering the outside
world. i wish i didn't have to, but... i need the money. -
_- i have no choice. every now and then, i'll find myself
thinking, well, mayB it won't be so bad. but most of the
time i dont believe that. =P just cuz of the kinda person
i am.

so we'll see whats gonna happen. who knows, maybe i'll
make friends. o_O *coughs* i'm not counting on that, tho.

windy-chan's gone to visit her grandparents. she said she
wouldnt be online all weekend. i hope it isnt too terrible
or boring for her... =| it just doesn't seem fair how all
this bad stuff always happens 2 her. im not just talking
about this weekend (cuz i dont even kno if it's really that
bad), but i mean.. u kno, like the whole skool situation
and her family (well, her stepdad... who seems a lot like
my uncle the pseudo-cop, may he rot in hell), and all the
ppl around her, and etc.... i always wanna do sth, but
what? i have suggested a few times that she come down
here, but i've tried not to push that cuz that just wouldnt
b rite... i mean... she has 2 make her own decision. but
then i wanted her 2 kno that it is an option.

president bush made a big speech yesterday, but being the
dim-witted person that i am, i really didn't understand
it. ppl are saying war has been declared. he did seem pro-
war 2 me, but is there really going 2 b a war? that is
just ten thousand shades of WRONG WAY TO HANDLE SOMETHING. -
_- it will all come back in the end, if that's what "we're"
going to do.

i would go on about this, but my brain is fried =P i'll
try 2 write more when i'm in the mood.