"My Wonderful Life"
2001-09-22 06:32:05 (UTC)

My koolest day ever

Well I am not even going to tell you about school todday
fuck that. I just had the best night even though the
varsity lost. It was me, Tiffani, Matt, C.J., Sarah,
Katie,Casey, her b/f, Amber, Candy. We all had a blast even
me and Tiffani she is the koolest with the koolest parents
around. We started to watch some movie then we started
watching "Meet The Parents". I had fun and I hope she
doesnt mind me saying but I had my arm around her the whole
time she is just to adorable to me. I really like her. Oh,
and Tiffani my mom was not mad she was not even up. So
dont be worrying if I got in trouble or not becuase I
didnt. I am kind of tired now but not then I just got home
about 30 mins ago and that was 2:00AM so I guess that means
I had no cerfew. Yep, thats me naw, j/k. But it was fun
we had a lot of people piled up in Tiffani's car. We had
like 6 people in that car. We were packed like some
mexicans in there. It was all good. Well I better go.#3