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2003-02-08 06:40:49 (UTC)


dude... bobby well I saw him again tanite cuz u know I see
him every weekend.. and I was comepletely ignoring him for
a little bit cuz I waz mad at him for not calling me when
he said he was going to.. so yea he ended up losing my #
and he lost his virginity to his gurlfriend on Monday and
she like made him cum in her I swear she better not end up
bein prego cuz then there goes me :(:( .. but other than
that, tonight was good ;)... he thinks that I dont really
like him that I am just sayin that because he still thinks
I hate him and that I am just acting like I like him to fuk
wit his head.. but I told him that he knows me and he knows
that If I dont like someone then I tell them or Im Mean to
them or I just dont talk to them.. I even told bobbys dad
I liked him today and later on I was like Bobby if u dont
believe me then ask your dad cuz I told your dad how much I
liked u and hes like, u told my dad? and im like yea go ask
him and he asked him so yea I think he believes me now...
his dad said hes gonna talk to him for me.. but yea
whatever...if I want him that bad I guess I can wait cuz
theres a saying.. the best things in life are worth the
wait... I just hope she doesnt get prego ill be so sad :(
but yea Ill write later .. like 2morra...