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2003-02-08 06:21:31 (UTC)

Ah...Good Ol' Fridays...And Her...Always her...

Well she's still sick so no bar but she was all
croaky and sniffly and I just wanted to take her home and
make her feel all better...not sexually-mind out of
gutter!!! But it's like I just wanna take care of her and
grant her her every wish...I can't cater shit to Linz's
demands but sure as fuck could to her...anything. Like I
just want to spoil her and...I dunno. I'm so not that
kind of person! Like I'm the kind of person that does
shit to no one and fuck them kinda attitude doing things
when I want to and whatever...but her...she says jump and
I say yes mamn, how high, where, what else, can I pay you
to let me do this favor for you...
And today I dunno, we were totally talking the whole time,
like sometimes we can be fairly normal but in our lesson
we talked like nonstop and I kinda felt bad for AM cuz we
were totally ignoring her.
And she was like "I'll have to catch Sky...*sigh*" And she
said it so directed at me and hopeful. And AM looks at me
and is like "you're so going to do it aren't you" Anyone
else and I'd be like "get your own fucking horse" but
no...and she was so hopeful and there I was
going to catch the stupid horse in the cold...