sheesh ya fuck
2003-02-08 06:20:08 (UTC)

i unveil suffering in a heart..

i unveil suffering in a heart to drip slowly through the
pores seeping insanity
ravishing and scandalous skipping my heart beats
through the telephone wires
i am tonight mostly sorry it may not remain where it will
be pulled from the bones
like it should producing a murderous mistake
stop stabbing at the wounds its always over them
under the sun stinging me for breaths
i cant contain sensitivity screaming for mercy
and its out the back door burning down the minds
i said i said alot i spoke untill my tounge fell out of my
sealed mouth saying nothing at all saying nothing at all
yet still they stand there sleeping in a cold unconsience
soo consiece it knocks the wind out in chicago
ill tell you again and again my lips unbroken bleeding to
open never again
and this is how it feels shaken from the wails of hungry
this is how it sleeps in my weakness.