Skunk Boy

Skunkies Diary
2001-09-22 05:56:24 (UTC)


Had an awesome night, my 2 friends got together, I got
cheered up, and I'm gonna go to bed happy. I am just the
slightest bit uncomfortable seeing yama and scott kiss
though, I'm sure i'll get over it. I can't wait to talk to
Andrea, I love her so much :) I'm gonna give her the best
kiss ever! She is the girl I've had in my dreams since I
started thinking about the kind of girl I wanted. The best
part is she's my first g/f ever! I don't have to go through
heartbreaks to find the perfect girl! *happy sigh* Life is
good, even in the hard times. Bye for now, and may you all
have good nights :)

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