pollen makes me sneeze
2001-09-22 05:19:59 (UTC)


i think the dance-a-thon and the povo-would-be shopping
trip to brandon park with lizzie was very healthy for me. i
haven't laughed that much in ages. i woke up feeling
happier than i have in a long time, but that's not too
surprising. it's been a horrible two weeks.
todai i read a biography on JKR cuz it came free with the
paper. it was reeeeeeeeeeeaally good. i can't believe she
came that close to being penniless.
but anyway. everyone's been annoying me today. especially
astrid and mum. they are OBSESSED with the internet. they
are fighting tooth and nail every morning to get on. do
they even consider me? of course not!!!!!!!! mum wants to
go on because she loves chatting. all she does everyday
from the moment i leave for school till when i get back is
hang around indonesian chat rooms and talk. astrid wants to
go on because she's got some boyfriend online [vay or vi or
something] who she is conatantly talking to. this means i
have little or no time at all to do anything.
astrid was meant to be singing on channel 31 today anyway,
but when she called up to confirm it turned out they
cancelled. they got new managers or something who wanted to
audition people first [astrid didn't audition-- jenny
miller heard her sing and decided to put her on but i don't
know what's happened to her now]. the thing is, nadia
didn't even bothing phoning and TELLING us so we could have
turned up there for nothing. mum & dad were pretty pissed
off and it didn't help that astrid was being a total brat
about it. it's like everyone is sacrificing all their time
and energy into helping her out and making her a star and
all she can say is, "whatever."
"what to you want to wear to the competetion tonite?"
"do you want to go to hoa to get your hair done or do you
want it done here?"
"what song do you want to sing at the concert?"
i don't know what her problem is. nobody ever does that to
me. she's not polite, not grateful, not anything. she's
gone with carmel right now to channel thirty one to
complain-- i doubt that's going to do any good though. mum
and dad are blaming her behaviour on he-who-i-shall-not-
name [still refusing to think of him], but if you ask me
they've always been more liberal to her than to the rest of
us and that's why her head's expanded to the size of the
so stupid.
meme & pepe are over right now so i better make an