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2003-02-08 05:01:15 (UTC)

Boredom As Motivation

I never had an online diary before... I've never thought
I had anything interesting to say.. and I still don't..
but I thought I'd make one anyway. Anyway...

I'm paranoid right now because I was supposed to get my
report card today.. but school was cancelled. I'm gonna get
it Monday.. but luckily my rents are leaving for Florida
Sunday morning.. then next Friday me and my sister (my
sister and I) are going down to Florida to meet them...
then we're going on a cruise.. I won't be back for 11 days
or so... hopefully by then the report cards are
forgotten.... One would think that I'd start putting effort
into school work in order to avoid this paranoia every
quarter... but somehow I can't bring myself to do
it... I have a very apathetic view on school work ...
everytime we go over an equation inalgebra class all I
think about is how I really don't care what "x" is...
If "x" we're that important.. it'd be a number instead of a
stupid letter... you can't add, subtract, multiply or
divide letters... so why not just use numbers? If there
comes a time in my future when I need to figure out
what "x" (or any other variable)is .. I'll ask my

I'd stop typing... but I'm still bored. I don't really
know what else to talk about... I've been thinking a lot
about people I haven't talked to in awhile and all... some
of them I dislike very much... which is weird... I've had a
few really good friends in my past who I've gotten in
fights with and haven't talked to since... I tend to hold
grudges.. so they're still not in my good graces... but for
some strange reason I feel like talking to them once
more... I guess I just like to know whether or not they've
forgotten about me.. if they're mad at me as well... or if
they actually miss me... I'd rather them be mad at me then
forget about me... I think it's better to be hated than
forgotten... my friend Shawn said something like that once
in his profile.... needless to say...I liked it...

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