2001-09-22 05:14:55 (UTC)

Something I never knew about myself......

I within myself,have always had a dark heart,a strange
nature, gothic kissed eccentric.But tonight I opened my
eyes and found an extension of myself I never realized
Here is where the story unfolds....I along with
Korynthya , Jaydn went to " Dracula".Not "Dracula" in the
form as I had ever seen before...It was something I figured
we would laugh at and leave being the bitches we can
be.Mind you the Theatre we were in , is very
beautiful...lots of golds , red velvets, very
regal,ascending staircases rich in color ,statues on the
pedestals... We stroll in fashionably late,Stride right up
to the front row and proceed to make ourselves comfortable
(as if we need to get comfortable,we won't make it through
the opening scene).The house lights go off its very dark ,
a narrator sets the story...Soon the characters were on
stage,a story was unfolding before my eyes,emotions being
conveyed to me through expression,movements...I was
entranced...My eyes watched everything at once trying
desperately to take in everything before me.The music
soared through my ears,my senses,as I eagerly watched
feeling and breathing everything in...Tonight I learned I
love ballet,wanting more and more I and the others shall
return to it again tomorrow night,to meet our encoric
needs..Every scene, every costume left me needing more of
the story....As with every "Dracula" story in the end he
meets a terrible fate,immortality ends..I felt as if I
would cry, swallowing hard at the lump that formed in my
throat...I do recommend that if you ever get the chance to
witness this performance,it's something you'll never
forget ..it was absolutely amazing,breath
taking ,captivating...
After the show we met the dancers,which were all
great..Eager to sign their autographs..then we meet the
director of which she herself has a bit of the dark
gift,there and then I knew why I was so captivated..For
only one who loves the dark and teach such emotions, such
passions,to the undead characters...So for now I shall go
and remember my evening, you all have a enchanting
evening..Be Well ....... M. StoneWolf