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2003-02-08 04:49:35 (UTC)

Chips Ahoy

I can make do on very little sleep for about 4 days, but
after that I just crash and burn. I know this fact about
myself. Yet still I suject myself to late nights and early
mornings. Well, the mornings aren't of my choice, but you
get my drift. I fell asleep on the couch for about an
hour, then had food, and climbed into bed and slept for
another 2 hours or so. Got up, and then brushed my teeth
and got back into bed, but now I can't sleep. So, I'm up
for the moment. And bored.

I think I have a cavity. My tooth hurts.

I printed out the State of the Union Address and read it
last night. I did it for class but also because I missed
it and wanted to know what our president had to say. And
there are good ideas in it. He has very noble and lofty
goals. But there are so many other areas that desperately
need the government's attention before we deal with
scientific experimentation and so on. Let's get the
education system in the country working. How about helping
people who are sick and can't afford doctors. Not letting
little old ladies buy cat food because that's all they can
afford to eat. (And I'm serious on that fact, it happens.
I've seen it.) We need to take care of ourselves before
rushing off to war with a country that hasn't done
anything to us yet.

*getting off soapbox*