Electric monkey
2001-09-22 04:58:00 (UTC)

9-21-01 [yep....]

well, tonight was interesting. =| we all went to dinner,
meaning Jessica, Anna, David, Ben, Graham, and me. and so i
thought the plan was for all of us to attend the movie we
were PLANNING on going to see.. but infact there was a
consipracy, in which everyone bailed out without me
knowing. how nice. pre-meditated in fact. so, that left
graham and i to go to the movie alone. which i wasnt
against, just pissed me off i was the only one that didn't
know about the fucking plan. i didnt like that too much.
god, i hate that feeling, of being set up. and all the talk
about the plan during dinner.. "oh we can buy your ticket
for you" and stuff, when they knew very well they werent
going at all. lovely..
but anyway. the movie was pretty.... not good. which was
crap as well. but it was humorous in some parts. well, will
farrell and thats about it. and all the famous ppl... from
snl and such. yeah......
my mind is full, and i dont know what to write.... i dont
want to write much about anything..