Cosmic Rain
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2003-02-08 04:03:16 (UTC)

feeding this journal some scraps

I was in the mood to write last night. But I'm sort of not
now. I could just snooze off into wonderland. Yesterday I
had time off to do Birthday things with Mat. Went to the
movies. Saw "Two Weeks Notice." I liked it. There is
titally and that's totally something daggy about Sandra
Bullock. Anyway it was funny and light-hearted. And lovey
dovey, which at the moment with all the Valentines stuff
happening it's tugging on the old heart strings. This year
I can tell I'm not liking Valentines Day at all. I guess
cause it's totally zilch this year and at the moment I hate
seeing things really lovey dovey. That's right Kimberly. Ya the first year in a long while I
haven't done something for someone. I like doing things for
special someones.

Then coming out of the movies we went into a shop that I
have forgotten the name of..Think it was Dick Whatsy. Dick
Smith..Ahh think that was the one. And poking about and
looking around and I'm not watching the ground, cause when
you are looking at what's on the wall you aren't looking at
what's on the ground. So suddenly there is this "LOUD"
beeping siren type sound that went through the whole shop.
And I'm "Ooooh that was me. I stepped on that mat thingo.."
I have no idea what it was. I think it was part of a hook
up to some alarms and you are most likely meant to step on
it to test ones on the wall. I have no idea. Just I managed
to actually feel like I was in a clumsy Sandra Bullock
movie. But there were some interesting gadgets in there.
Specially the kiddies toys. The laughing, vibrating balls
were good in a kiddy kinda way.

Also did a spot of 10 Pin Bowling yesterday. You're not
meant to beat the birthday boy are you?? Ooops..Must have
been my extra bright pink bowling ball that did it. It
always feels so dicky walking up to bowl the ball. People
have some weird styles. This one guy literally threw the
ball that it landed halfway down the lane. *bang* I think I
shuffle a little bit. I'm not sure. I know I don't just
stroll up there and fling it. And those shoes??? Heck the
stupider they look, less chance of people stealing them I
guess. Cause who would steal shoes like that?

Also checked out Borders Bookstore. Yummo. Books galore.
But actually came out with the new Alanis cd, because they
had it for $12. So thought, heck why not. I haven't got a
proper copy yet and it's rare for me not to have all of
Alanis's albums. But I'm going to have to go back there.

Then it was off to dinner at the Thai restaurant, which is
always yummy. Can't get enough of that sticky rice.
*scrumdiddlyumptious* The waitress was a funny little one
asking us if we enjoyed the "flies" in the sticky rice. In
the middle are cocoa beans or something and it's served all
on a banana leaf, so anyway I looked at her and said "But
what were they doing in the banana fritters?" because the
other Kim and Mat's Mum had those. And she hesistated a
little and said "They must like bananas." We didn't tell
her there really was a fly in the banana
just kidding.

Then today has been more shopping. Gave Mat $100 and said
Ok, go get the Batman dvd ya want and whatever other one
with the change. So at least he has his dvd fill for his
birthday, which so far as been 5, with yet more to come. I
might sneak in something later this week that he doesn't
know about and it WONT be a dvd. I guess I'm just as bad,
but with books. I'd be quite happy with just books for my
Birthday, but I'm quite happy with anything else just as
long as I at least get one is what I am
gonna go do now. I am finishing off my Michael Connelly
collection and I finally have all the books and I am
reading the last book, which is actually somewhat near the
start of his books. I haven't been totally reading in at the end of this one I can say I am
totally up to date. Goodo chaps!! Funnily enough it's
called "The Last Coyote" and for me it's the Last Connelly.