Dead Vincent

Bushido for the Dead...
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2003-02-08 03:12:12 (UTC)

Bushido for the Dead....My Lifes Saga...

My lifes saga is to prove to everyone I know that god
dosen't live and that the bible is only a fairytale written
to improve all of our lives.Hi...My name is Vincent and
most think of me as a disturbed 13 year old born for the
soul purpose on taking over the world...I have been called
Satan by most,Insane by some,and correct by few.It is very
simple to prove my theory to most and to be proven wrong by
few,and no one has been able to prove me wrong untill this
day.Most think love is a enjoyable thing,some think its a
game,but if you listen to me you can learn the truth.Love
is a power used aginst a man,his weakness.A man with
friends is a man with enemies for friends can only get in
the way of a man,Example.Say your best friend,or lover,was
being held at gunpoint.The only way to save her is to jump
infront of the bullet,congradulations,your bleeding to
death because theres a bullet between your eyes.See what I
mean.Now a man with no friends however is a man with no
enemies for there is no one to stand in his path,nothing to
care for but himself.Evil is Love,bottom line.The ultimate
Worrier is a man with no love.A worrier with too much good
shall die easily...I really hope you'll comment me on this
or contact me for more info...Until then,Later Dayz...