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2001-09-22 04:13:25 (UTC)

chelsea and chelsea and chelsea and chelsea and chelsea..............eect

well yea chelsea. chelsea is my new absession. not the
same chelsea from california. remember i changed my like
and i moved to colorado. well yea. i met a new chelsea.
arthur )like my best friend in the whole world) calls her
chelsea 2001 the new model. well no. i dont like it when he
says stuff but i guess to him it is funny. well yea. she is
just so amazing and nice and caring and she plays baritone
and she likes sports and she likes me and shes not afraid
to cry on the phone and she talks to me and she is just
plain cool like that. well anyways. her friends are telling
me over and over again to ask her out well know
as a man how when your girlfriend tells you to do something
in front of your guy friends and the way you
feel.......well that is how i feel. i dont like tobe
pressured into thhings. its just isnt my way. i like to let
things resolve and stuff. well yea. moving on to more
busnes and stuff. i cant spell worth a damn. i forgot my
reading book at school and i am going to fall behind i
think. im sorry my mom rushed me out of the school today.
well yea. man my mind is straying from my normal writing to
CHELSEA.. lol. its cool though. this is the first time i
have a girl that likes me and openly admited it to me. she
is just the collest person to talk to and i love it.she was
the first person i met a DSA that just came up to me and
tried to kill me i guess. lol. well talk to you all later.
my new email is [email protected] ,. bye bye loves