Squeeb's world
2001-09-22 03:54:01 (UTC)

What the...?!

Ok, so we win our home opener and then in the next game we
beat the pants off the defending OHL champions but tonight
we get our asses whooped by noteably the worst team in all
of OHL history?! 9-1!! What the Heck is going on?! Ok, so at
least Matt H scored and Tiff will be happy but... David,
buddy?! What the heck?! And where'd the defense go tonight?
I can safely say I want Kurtis back... and NOW. Lord knows
he was our best defenseman last season. Ok, I'm in a state
of shock. I think the guys had to have gotten a little cocky
or something and just thought "Ooooh, Mississauga, cake
walk." Wrong boys. They now have one of the greatest coaches
of all time. Next time, please don't be so cocky.
Ok, I watched the tribute tonight and I can honestly say
I was moved to tears by some of the stories. That and the
show of outright support. Julia Roberts had me in tears
because she almost lost it. Good for her though, she kept it
together. The one thing that puzzled me though was Celine
Dion singing "God Bless America, my home" Hel-lo. I know
this is an international union of support and solidarity and
all that but you are Canadian dear. I guess my patriotism
still stands out. I know I have never been a huge fan of the
States, I've always thought along the same lines as Kevin
Richardson that yeah, they have been a little (ok, a lot)
arrogant most of the time but I honour the fact that they
are coming together now. However, I still think it would
have been more proper to have an AMERICAN sing "God Bless
America" than Celine Dion. maybe it's just me.
One last thought before I go to bed... I love the bus
control dude! This morning as I was sitting on the bus
waiting to leave, an announcement comes over the bus
speakers asking for the location of 2 buses. He then
proceeds to tell them to "Hurry up, it's 7:16" (They're
normally supposed to leave at 7:15. Then the bus driver of
one of the late buses is like "What are you getting at?" and
the control dude is all like "It would be nice if you guys
would be on time for once!" Power to the people! I could not
have said it better myself! If one bus is off, they make the
whole troop off schedule and frankly, it pisses me off. Good
to see someone doing something about it. Night all!

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