2003-02-08 01:01:47 (UTC)



omg my mom sux she sed b4 she doesnt want me involved
with boys at this age cuz its not right in my culture so
anyway i'm talkin about nick on the phone with liz and wehn
i get off i relize she was in the room listening to our
conversation... sike i think i dunno i doubtit but she was
like who's nick whud i say about boys at this age blah blah
blah and watch she'll tell my dad and he'll be like y do u
talk to skanky white girls cuz my mom exagerattes like hell
anyway she might not tell him i doubt that she will if she
does i'll runaway to liz house ( lol ) joke.. if she does
tell my dad i'll fukkin yell at her... anyway she's on the
phone like 24/7 and when i get on its nagg nagg nagg... omg
i would do anything for better grades. OMG right now i'm
DYING for my mom's attention and she wont get off for 1
minute to listen to me she would rather chat with her
friends about ther kids and like her own kids dont excist,
this hurts so bad but i'm keepin my tears in cuz i dont
wanna get my grandma all worried. AHA!she wont tell my dad
shit cuz my granda ma is here yay! saved by the old lady
liz next time we talk about guys we have to be alert! man i
wish i could talk to my mom about stuff but i cant she
would never understand she went to a private school growing
up and partically didnt no what flirting was till she
graduated frum high skool.. and here i am goin up to tocco
out of the blue and talkin with him my mom would be like
WHAT THE FUCK!! god.. well at least i'm not a sex crazed
lezbo i saw in this one movie on life time ( the tv channel)
she has to tell her mom she's lesbo and they come frum a
strict ass family.. hah n e way i can see PHYSICALLY y liz
would like nick but not the whole mental thing, mentaly
ther totally diffrent like she likes sum avril lavigne and
he likes sum snoop dog n dre u no? but opposites attract
and jamie omg jamie likes him 2.. ugghh i'm gunna stop
hangin around him cuz every1 likes him..