Pyrotessa Yin

Pyrotessa Yin
2001-09-22 03:22:49 (UTC)

Reasons for starting this. . .

Okay, so the reason for starting this thing up...

Well, my best friend Alison, wanted me to do this because
it's easier for her to read about my life since she lives
3,000 miles away... So, all that this really means that
Alison is extremely lazy...

So, life currently...

Well tonight was rather interesting. Rama stopped by and I
did a Tarot Reading for him. He's one of the most
interesting people to read since he usually has so many
little issues. I know that's a terrible thing to say, but
he does have a lot of stuff going on.

The gist of the reading was the following;

1. Laura is going to be in the picture for at least another
year, and he would honestly like to patch things up with

2. Laura is going to screw him over reaelly bad (yet again)
and he's going to be pretty fucked up emotionally because
of it.

3. He and Dennis (his best friend forever) are going to
patch things up and that'll be good for him.

4. He'll meet a woman, either through Dennis, or someone
else, and then he'll be happy. So, the outcome was good.
That's the important thing. And now he's going to have to
really think about what to do. I hope he makes the right

So, I guess that's really it for tonight. Oh, Rama told me
that Melissa (his ex) was asking why he's seeing so much of
me lately... he explained that it's because we're best
friends, but she retorted with, "You two will get together,
I know it."

Of course, that won't be happening in this lifetime since
I'm happliy involved with Kevin. So, Melissa is a pain in
the ass.

Well, I'm off for the night. I'll write about tomorrow
when it comes.

Love to all and Blessed Be!

~*~Pyrotessa Yin~*~