A Hippie's Thoughts......
2001-09-22 02:44:07 (UTC)

WonDers are LOSERS

Well Its My 1st Entry! And I WAS going to go the game
Kannapolis-Concord Football game 2night..buttttt it just
did NOT seem to interest me that much, so I Stayed home
watching TV ALLLLL night long..even though it's only 10:35!
So 2day there was nothing fun going on..as always. We Had a
Pep Rally about 15 minutes into 4th block until the end of
the day. That was just the stupidest thing I have EVER been
to. Anyways..So Right now I'm watching Man of the House on
the Disney channel because there is NOTHING else on cept 4
that *Contribution 2 the Terrorist Attacks* thing on like
every other channel. So..My Parents just called, right, and
they told me that we lost 21-0! The Varsity has only won 1
game so far, but JV (yes we rule) is undefeated.
Lets See..Monday we play Northwest in Tennis..and Im
NOT feeling too confident about that match. Who knows,
maybe we could win (yea right). Our Record is 0-1
(conference)..and our record 4 Non-Conference games are is
1-4..see what I Mean about our Chances against Northwest?
Well...2 anyone who is going to read this and doesnt
already know me that well...My Name is Jane Goodson and I
Go 2 A.L.Brown High (home of the Wonders). I'm 14, my
Birthday is May 28th, I Have 3 Older Sisters..one of which
is a Varisty Cheerleader 4 our School. Her Name is Lauren.
I LOVE 2 Play Tennis..& The Piano..I Quit Band cuz well it
just sucked after awhile..I Like 2 Watch Movies and Go Try
New things.
Well I think Im going 2 head back 2 AIM now cuz Kasee's
Lots of Love

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