my so called life
2003-02-07 23:53:02 (UTC)

Downhill skiing

So I went to Sweden.. skiing-trip. It was SO much fun. I
haven't gone skiing in five years or so, and I'd forgotten
how much fun it is! The mountains.. the wind in my face as
I go down the slopes.. We went to this mountain top and
went off-pist skiing. Oh my god :) SO MUCH FUN.
We were away for five days.. partied every night. Oh yeah :)
This guy fell in love with me.. or not really in love.. He
just thinks that I'm pretty and a nice person.. He has for
a while.. a few months maybe. Kind of funny.. it's nice to
get that kind of feedback, you know. That I'm doing
something right, that I'm attractive and interesting. I
kind of hear that all the time, cause Ben is really good at
telling me how great he thinks I am, how pretty I am and
how much he loves me. Sweetie :) But he's in love with me..
so he doesn't count :P
No, really.. he's the most important person. If all the
boys on the planet thought I was disgusting, it would only
hurt this much, cause the only thing that matters is that
he loves me. I'm so blessed :)

Well.. Today I went to the movies with my friend Kristin
and her boyfriend. I haven't met him before, just heard a
lot about him. He was really nice! I just.. liked him. He
was sweet and easy to talk to. He didn't seem like the
smartest guy on the planet, but hey, they can't all be :)
So I had a good time =) We watched 8 mile. I was really
surprised, Eminem wasn't too bad of an actor and I actually
liked the movie.

It's only ten days till Ben gets here. Can't wait! Miss him
so much..

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