the magenta files
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2003-02-07 23:17:35 (UTC)

cashews? (unrelated)

i've noticed i have far too many sites on my favorites
list. i wish there was a way to catagorize them and put
them in little sub-files. well anyway, i'm sick at home and
bored out of my mind, though there are plenyy of things i
should be doing. i hope i'm better by tommorrow, then i can
go do thos ethings, those things i nedd and want to do. ha.
last saturday, no, friday, was lovely. we all went
miniature golfing for winter formal, all dressed up, and
had a grand time. i got the pictures back the other day and
they're hilarious. can't wait to see everyone and show
them. ...okay, now i am naseous and forgot what i wanted to
say, well, what are you gonna do? i hope we can go to the
movies tommorrow night, though i am perpetually broke. oh
well, only young once, right? yeah

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