Watch me lose it...
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2003-02-07 22:56:03 (UTC)


Listening to : Our Lady Of Peace - Julie
Spent the day off installing redhat 8. Finally got it
working and now my PC is 100%...ish. Need a new north
bridge cooler. Gary still called anyway with "are you out
of bed? we thought you better be up by now. See you on
Monday." Fucking twat.
Blake is gonna fix the CV joints on my car with any luck.
need to email him.
River spoke to me for a good while before disappearing
without word. She banged on about how she was unhappy with
her boyfriend and wanted someone "older who she could rely
on." She was going on about how he cant get hard enough to
put on a condom etc etc....Shes turned into a bit of a
slag. Despite what I said previously..not sure I'd go
there. Shes pretty in her own way and cute...but shes
so..small. At 15..should she really be sleeping with
people? I accept she probably will do anyway...but I'm not
thinking I'd go there. Maybe later...maybe not. Shes a
hobby..and a project..but not a serious one.
Gonna write a rhyme in a while....had a few martinis. Dunno
what it is about Martini and lemonade. Its so easy to drink