Charles Deason

My Blue Sky
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2003-02-07 22:19:49 (UTC)

A Change of Plans

Well, it seems that the state of Tennessee requires
you by law to attend school until you're 18.... Thats
pretty gay if you ask me though. And I've incidentally
mised over 16 days! Oh well, so what if I fail this year,
my back-up plan was to finish this semester, and then after
the summer, I can get into home school! Hahahaha so it
looks lie I win either way! I curse this poor excuse for a
law, but there's always a way around a problem.
Today is Friday, so Monday I must return to school
without hesitation. Oh man! I almost forgot about
Valentines Day!! Good thing I planned ahead though heheh I
bought Malinde heart-shaped tag and I engraved "Charles
loves Malinde" on it. I don't kno what to send Wendy
though.... haha shes always telling me not to get her
anything. She doesn't realize how special she is, and how
she means to me like she should... But she'll never forget
me, just like I would never forget her. ^_^
Spring is comming up too. Well, with all this going on
inside my head I actually ended up talking to myself a
couple nights ago.... And I've never done that before....
Woa, I don't wanna think about it right now I'm starting to
care myself heh. I have things to do today, so I'll
continue to keep updating when something big comes around
heh, so long!

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