2003-02-07 22:15:16 (UTC)


today a boy "Joe" asked me out on a date it was funny b/c i
knew he was going to to before he acually did it so ita ll
started about a month ago when i was at katies and Joe and
I where talking and i developed an interest in him the it
just kine of whent away after not talking to him after that
then today Lynn comes up to me and askes if i like Joe and
i say "I used to but not some much anymore" and she like oh
well hes going to ask you on a date im like "ok?" im not so
happy about this at the time being b/c i like Brad and brad
likes me but brad also likes my friend britni and so i was
going to talk to britni and ask what she thought about the
brad situation and then possibly ask brad out but when the
to let out 6th hour rang i went to my locker and got my
stuff saw joe waiting at the end of the hallway trying to
avoid him i stop to talk to patrick and melissa then when
hes not looking make my get away and walk down another hall
trying to find stephane and shes not there so i walk up to
the bench i usually sit on to wait for my mom to pick me up
and on the way there i see him and sure enough when i sit
down he comes around the corner and askes if he can sit he
slowly starts conversation and askes what im doing this
weekend and i say "nothing" and he talkes about something
els for a while then comes back to "if your not doing
anything this weekend maybe i could call you" i say why
not when it was all over i was very glad he asked he is a
nice guy the only thing is hes a senior so if any thing
does become of this he will be going off to college next
year i knew joes younger brother who is a junior this year
and i kind of had a thing for him but we where pretty much
good friends but over the summer we worked together every
now and then and this year he just doesnt talk to me i
think hes a jerk caught up in himself joe is somuch
differnt than him joe is kind of a scary driver though
thats no good i think im falling fo rhim already and
nothing has happend i always do that though and get my
heart broken i always fall so hard and so quickly for guys
then they trample all over my heart so i hope when we go on
this "date" that he likes me and i make a good impression i
dont know if ill just get over brad now or what i guess
w'ill see what happens

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