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2003-02-07 21:59:05 (UTC)

My Appeal For: "God's Outreach Hope Center" in Louisiana.....

Dear Christian Friends and Whom Ever Else This May Concern:

I want to share a vision that God has given my husband and
I, so please read this letter with an open heart and please
pray for my family and I, for God to bring this vision to
I would 1st like to introduce you to my family and tell you
a little about us. My name is Reverend Myrtis Virginia
Doucet and I am 25 yrs. old and Im an ordained, certified
minister of the gospel of Jesus Christ and I am also a
teacher of the word of God, the bible. I have a husband
and his name is Stephen Ellis Doucet, and he is 27 yrs
old. We have 2 wonderful and beautiful children, they 're
names are Ashlyn and Jonathan. Their ages are 7 and 5 yrs
old. My husband Stephen works offshore to support this
family, which he works very hard to do and he supports this
family very well. He works 2 wks on and 2 wks off. I am a
minister, but I do not have my own church though, because
God has given us a different vision than having our own
church and congregation. The vision that God has given to
both of us is to buy some land, and build a large building
on the land that we purchase. We are going to make this
building into a large hope center. It's going to be
called, "God's Outreach Hope Center". We are going to be
welcoming in homeless people, drug addicts off the street,
as well as alcoholics, children, and unwed pregnant mothers
and or teens as well. They will come in on their own free
will and this program is going to totally free of charge.
The only requirement to enter into this program is to have
a strong desire to change, and learn to live right, in a
godly manner. Its going to be a place where all these
people can come and we are going to teaching the Word of
God to these people and teaching them responsibility and
how to live a productive life. Instead of reading out of a
NA book or an AA book, we are going to be teaching out of
the bible, and getting people saved, and teaching them how
to live a godly lifestyle with their children or on their
own, and help them to find a job and get them back up on
their feet by helping them find a job and place to live and
just help them the best we can, by feeding them, clothing
them, providing them a place to sleep at night, and
teaching them the Bible. We are not going to be following
the traditional 12-step program that most rehab centers
offer, that don't even work most of the time, because
usually, as you have always seen, these people who come out
of those programs walk right back out into the same
situation that they were in before they entered into the
program, and Im sure we all know the reason why, because
they are not getting right down to the root of their
problem, which is a spiritual problem in their life that
needs to be dealt with. These people have never really
been taught how to live a productive life, because all most
of these programs offer, is just to get them there in their
program and continually threatening them over and over
about if they leave the program etc…whats going to happen
to them, and while they are there, they never learn
anything, and half of them don't even understand the 12-
step program, they are just going with the flo, waiting to
get back out and go do more drugs because they are never
offered any love, which they soo desperately need. The
Word of God on the other hand is sooo simple to understand
and it is powerful enough to change lives, as we already
know that. Most rehabs are basically a place just to dry
out from all the drugs and alcohol, with a list of do's and
don't's, which doesn't help these people recover at all,
and the reason I know this is because several years back, I
was in one of them, and I did not learn a thing and they
did not help me at all, because all I was ever taught was
that if I left the program that my child would be tooken
from me etc…that's the only reason that I did stay there,
but I was also always counting the days down to when I
could get back home and go get some more alcohol and drugs.
And then finally I conquered my problem by walking into a
spirit filled church and started learning the Word of God.
I finally got down to the root of my problem as to why I
couldn't get off the drugs and alcohol, it was because I
had a spiritual problem and I could not get free from the
curse, and bondage over my life, until I finally learned
the Word of God, and the power of God's Word over my life,
that totally set me free from all drugs and alcoholism, and
I learned how to overcome my problems and live a godly
life, and with out the Lord, I would be dead right now, but
he rescued me completely and restored to me everything that
I lost as far as my mind, soul, and body. And of course,
my spiritual being as well. We are going to be providing
them transportaion to find a place to live,a job, and to
get them back on their feet well as feeding them and
teaching them the Word of God and changing their lives as
well. This place is going to fixed up exactly like a
normal regualar house, but much bigger. We are going to
have a large living room (for group sessions), a large
kitchen area where we will be preparing our own meals,
which each girl will be taking turns with them each day,
along with their own schedule for each day of the week. We
are going to have a laundry room there with washers and
dryers there, a huge play room for the children there and a
large , very large bedroom, with bunk beds in there and
toddler beds for the children there, and also a bathroom
with bathtubs , toilets, sinks, and showers (because some
of the people will have to bathe their children in tubs,
because most children do not like the shower…lol…We are
also going to have a dining room with table and chairs
there to eat our meals at. We are going to also be giving
random drug testings there, and rules to follow there at
the program…if the girls cannot follow the rules and keep
breaking them and failing their drug tests, then after 6
write ups , they will be asked to leave the program because
as you understand, if they are constantly breaking the
rules there, it isn't going to be helping the other girls
in their recovery, and they will also be setting a bad
example for the other girls there, which may lead them into
the same bad habits which can lead to all sorts of problems
and can also get the facility out of control, which we want
to avoid so we can operate this center the way God would
have us operate it. Now we would very much hope that we
would not have to do this or turn a girl or woman away, but
if we have to do it, then we just have to do it….I hope you
all understand where we are coming from. But as you would
understand, if they are not willing to change at all, then
we cannot help them because of their incooperation. Now,
if any of these girls come to our center with any physical,
health problems, we will bring them to the charity hospital
here in this town, which is "Huey P. Long". If the girls
have insurance and would like to go to a private doctor,
then they will have to be responsible for the bill there.
We will have a medical doctor to come to the facility about
once a wk and we will not be providing any medication to
these girls, unless doctor prescribed by the doctor.
However we will provide them with over the counter
medications if they need it. We are going to also help
them pay for their prescriptions that are prescribed by the
doctor, if it is something that they really need. We want
to give them everything that we can do for them and provide
them with love and a passion to change and live for the
Now, I believe that we have covered the main details about
this building and how we going to be running the facility.
Now what we are asking from all of you out there who may be
reading this right now or who you may know someone else
that you know could help us , then please print this
document out and give them a copy to fill out as well. All
the help that we get is greatly appreciated. The land that
we are going to purchase , the building, and the supplies
that are going to be going into this building is going to
cost us $500,000 dollars to put this vision into work. If
you would like to donate to this vision, then please copy
and paste this sheet below the dotted line or either print
out the whole information sheet and then fill out the
information and cut at the dotted line and send it along
with your donation…Please pray for us and again, any amount
of donation is appreciated for this project. We thank you
greatly for your generosity and kindness.

Please send all donations to :

God's Outreach Hope Center
P.O. Box 11633
Alexandria, Louisiana 71315

Please Print on this section:
Your Full Name

How much would you like to donate today? $________________

Are you paying by money order?__________________
Are you paying by cash only?_____________________
Are you paying by credit card?____________________
*If so, then what is your credit card no#?
*What kind of credit card is it? (Examples would be Visa,
Mastercard, Debit Card, American Express etc….)
If you are paying by check, money order, cash, check, or
credit card, then how much are you sending in today for
your donation? $__________________________________
Are you paying by check?
If so, how much are you sending?

*Now we will also be sending you back a receipt after we
receive your donation. And again, we thankyou sooo much
for your donations, prayers, and support of this vision
that God has given to us. Without your help, the vision
could not be brought to pass, but you are all making it
possible with your financial help, support, and every
single prayer you say for us.

My email address is: [email protected]
if you have any questions or concerns or would just simply
like to write us and tell us you have prayed for us, or if
you would like to get more information from us. Or you may
write to us at:

Reverend Myrtis Virginia Doucet
God's Outreach Hope Center
P.O. Box 11633
Alexandria, Louisiana 71315

Thankyou all and God Bless You all,

Rev. Myrtis Virginia Doucet and

Stephen Ellis Doucet

Reverend Myrtis Virginia Doucet

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