2001-09-22 01:45:08 (UTC)


Yesterday evening I listened to President Bush's address to
the nation and the world. I was impressed. I don't believe
in vengeance, but I do believe in justice, and that's what
President Bush seemed to be speaking of as well. If we only
had wanted revenge we could have bombed Afghanistan the same
day or the day after the attacks. We didn't.

I have four sons, ages 16, 17, 18, and 20--the prime ages to
be drafted in what could be a bitter and prolonged war. I
love my sons. I love freedom and the United States too. The
next time the terrorists could kill 5 million instead of 5
thousand. I don't want to live in land where people are
afraid all the time and I don't want my sons to either. I
don't like war but I haven't heard a good alternative for
it yet. Putting our heads in the sand and business as usual
is not an option. Terrorists are not people one can
negotiate with. If anyone has another idea I'll listen. I
haven't heard one yet.
I've been reading Civil War Women by Barbara Brackman as
well as re-reading another book she's written, Quilts from
the Civil War. It includes snippets from diaries and
speeches and letters women wrote about the war. The quilts
are beautiful. I've put two I wish to make on my list.
The trick will be finding the time.
Things speeded up after we returned from Corvallis. I
started dinner, packed John's lunch, did laundry, and phoned
my parents. After dinner I brought Gavin and one of his
friends to the football game at the high school where they
play in the band. I won't be able to go to bed early as
they may not be able to catch a ride with someone and will
need a ride home again. I think I'll just read until they
phone for a ride or get home.