REMINDER: my birthday is May 31
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2003-02-07 21:37:04 (UTC)

SnoW dAY

-------------------------no school-------------------------
there was no school today!! yeaaa!! someone from thorne
called at like 5:30 in the morning and everyone bin my
house was like GET THE PHONE GET THE PHONE and they were
all yelling back at each other no!! no..and then all at
once they scream REEDA!!!! im like
ugggggggggggggggghhhh... lol and i had to go ge tthe
phone! it was like it was planned out. Today im going to a
party. Its a going away party for my moms friend. There
family is moving to canada. i woke up at 11! it felt nice.

if any one here is going to KOC i/m me i wanna know. KOC
is knights of columbus. Jus tell me cause i wanna know. I
cant go cause my parents say theres to many fights there,
cause my friend shannon hanrahans brothers friend got
stabbed there, and last year there was all this stuff in
the paper about what a rage it was so thats why i cant go.
I WANNA GO THOUGH..but yeah of course i cant. LOL


everyones leaving me messagesin this diary. Its pretty
kewl. they were alls ayin how funny it was and all leaving
comment about how much they hate patricia its great i lvoe
it!...i mean i got like 15 letters or messages about how
much other people hate patricia pietz!!!! its awsome! well
im out...cause im bored and its cold and i want hot
chocolate! peeeece