A LiL WanKstaZ LiFe
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2003-02-07 20:57:43 (UTC)

Wut Should I Do??

Well it's bin like a week i havet written n i guess u
can say i'm doin pretty good.....even tho im still hooked
on my fucking ex boyfriend n its killin me cus now he got
anotha gurl n shit n im hear still fucking single without
no man n i hate it cus i cant stand 2 see him wit anotha
gurl but wuteva dats his life n i cant control him...Well i
have a bit of a problem...i met dis boy n we became really
good friends we've bin talking alot n shit n i have really
strong feelings 4 him but tha thing is he still has
feelings for his ex gurl n i dunno how 2 find tha perfect
way 2 tell him how i feel about i really wanna
have him i want 2 find a way 2 get him 2 really notice me
but i jus dont kno wut 2 do i'm a little bit scared of how
he mite react wen i tell him how i feel even tho i think he
kinda knowz...if ne 1 can gimmie a bit of advice
pleazrespon 2 me....thanx!!