Julia's Rants
2001-09-22 01:26:13 (UTC)


I don't know what to do about her. We've been friends
forever. Well, since fifth grade. The first day of fifth
grade, I went to the bus stop. There was a girl there. I
didn't think much of her. Then she appeared in my health
class. She came up and said "Hi" then she told me that her
name was Stefani.

It took me a long time to learn how to spell her name, but I
finally learned. Now, anytime I see it spelled wrong I
notice it. We were good friends. We were on teams together.
We had so much fun at English Team. Then she met Tiffany and
Heather and everything changed. She started being all
preppy. She acted like we were best friends when we were
alone, yet she acted like she didn't know me when we were
around other people.

The other day I found out that she's addicted to smoking.
She said that she was forced to, when she was six. That
she's been addicted ever since. Can I believe her? She's
lied to her parents. Why wouldn't she lie to me? But I
know she's had a hard life. Her dad sexually abused her.
Now she's not even allowed to see him. She has a sister who
is 20 years old and has two boys. Shane and Kyle. They are
so cute. But Bobi is too young. I miss Stefani, the way
she used to be. She completely ignores me. I want to cry
when that happens, but I can't show any weakness or she'll
hate me even more. What can I do? I miss her. I want her
as a friend again. But that may never happen. I think
she's hurting inside. She acts like such a slut. She's had
so many boyfriends. Her most recent one, Robert, the
brother of the one she had before, just got beaten up. He's
fine, but she took it kind of hard. I wish she would tell
me what's the matter. I want to help, I really do, but I
can't help if she won't confide in me. I feel so bad. I
hate my life sometimes, yet I have my mom and dad and
sister, and I know that they all love me. I have the
perfect life. Why does Stefani suddenly hate me? Is she
jealous? Why? Stefani, I miss you. Please come back. I'm
praying for you.