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2003-02-07 20:53:41 (UTC)


i kind of crashed my car on tuesday so i can't get around
anymore. :( i say, oh well to that.

wow, i really haven't written in this thing in such a long
while. i used to write in it all the time, but then i
discovered livejournal, and for a while i was obsessed
with that. but now, i don't even write in that anymore.

let's update my life..

jeremy, the guy that i always talked about in every entry
of this pathetic journal of mine, broke up with me in
october. that was a while back. at first i tried so hard
to get back with him but realized that we didn't belong
together. so i've been over that now for about a few
months. we're still bestfriends but i think he's feeling a
little obligated about that. we'll see.

kat is still one of my really good friends but since we
graduated highschool and started going to college, we
haven't found much time to spend with eachother. she has a
job now and i'm kind of looking for one at the moment.

lizzie is gone. i don't speak to her anymore, don't know
where she went.

jess is gone. *sighs* i miss him a lot. he was always a
great friend. he transfered highschools in the middle of
my senior year and i saw him only once since. i tried
getting a hold of him once and it looks like he's changed
his phone number yet again.

so like a week ago if i had written in this thing.. i'd be
writing about how confused i am with boys, but today i'm
not. i've figured it out, i guess on my own. today the
only thing i'm really worried about is my future. i just
decided to drop my fashion design class lastnight because
i'm really tight on money at the moment because i rear
ended a car. i need to find a job. next semester i hope to
be back in that class and by that time i hope i have
enough money to buy all the materials and fabrics i need
to do good in that class. but for now i really need to
take care of other responsibilities. gotta pay for the
damages and pay my parents back for all other things
they've waisted their money on. and before i crashed my
car i had it fixed too. bummer.

God, it bugs me to see how much i whined in my earlier
entries. how much i always talked about jeremy. it was
always jeremy this and jeremy that. i never really wrote
about me.


love, nicole