lillian jeanne
2003-02-07 20:30:02 (UTC)

snow day

we dont have classes today which is fabulous! we got
about 8 inches of snow last night... ralph got stuck here
and ended up staying over cause of it. he came to my
doctors apt with me, dr morano figured out what the pain
in my ankels is!! i can start rowing again in about 2
weeks he says, WONDERFUL!!! the tres amigas had a sex and
the city sitting which was really cool just cuase
everything has been so weird. there's apparently a code
orange for the country or something about terrorism... not
so good. some chick who's friends with mj and in my
religion class started with me last night with all this
bullshit, i really hate how this university that is
supposed to be really prestigous lets such ignorant
dumbasses in... blows my mind!!! poor ralphie has to get
surergy again this really sucks... alright, im out