My Gay Misadventures
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2003-02-07 19:46:57 (UTC)

judgement day post-poned

Well, I talked to Leo again last night...turns out they are
coming saturday now...which is good. I have a lot of stuff
to do today...and might i add...I STARTING TO HATE LEO! he
bastard actually had the nerve to answer 'where is hesse?'
with 'in the room, getting ready so we can have sex'...!
WTF! ...Bah!...anyway...Supposed to go to Tony 'n' deans
house today..

I was stood up last night...Almost got frostbite waiting in
the cold for an hour...I literaly felt like I was freezing
to death, i'v never been no numb in my entire life. This
real cute guy offered me a ride...damn im an idiot for
saying no...WHY! BAH!

Jesse, mark, tony, art....so many men....so little
time...DAMN THEM ALL ('cept Tony, he be cool)

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