2003-02-07 19:36:39 (UTC)

BACK Again

okay i haven't wrote anything in here like for a long time,
why i don't know.u can write anything in a diary right??
guess so...okay then i'm gonna ramble on about third watch,
who watches it. I do, did ya see what happened on da last
episode.OMG , i read something on the site, it like tells
ya a bit bout da next episode and bosco and the to other
girls are gonna be trapped i hope bosco gets out, i think
the girls might not.BIg mess eh??

hey ppl if u r bored plz check out my site, i think i'm
adding on some more pages to it, i have lots of ideas. okay
so here is the adress

there is a chat room, so kool, links,music, buffy and
charmed stuff, right now i can't remeber whats the other
thing i put on it but plz go see it thanxs bye and i hope
every one has a nice day:)