Life in PingPong's Day
2001-09-22 00:55:53 (UTC)


Well I usually don't belive in these things but it seems
true the last few days.."You may feel as if you are at a
turning point in your relationships with other people. What
seemed so easy over the last 30 days may seem much more
difficult now. You feel like you just cannot get your point
across. You may even begin to doubt yourself, if it's not
other people who do it for you! Don't be too critical of
yourself, and don't forget that your spontaneity is not a
fault, but a wonderful quality of yours. And above all,
keep in mind that this is just a phase, and it too shall
That seems so true,me and my friend share a locker together
at school,well recently I've been feeling kinda well pushed
aside,and my friend Holly doesn't really care about what I
say just as long as I follow her and hear what she has to
say,yes I like Holly,she's nice to me. But my other friend
I'm really having doubts about lately..

I've been thinking and I'm sad to say this but I didn't
want to give up on Nick but I have. He doesn't seem to want
me to be his friend or anything..So until I get any thing
that he does then I'm not going to do what I usually do
with him.He'll be just anothing person getting in my way.

On Thursday gotta get my other 2teeth filled in so on Oct
the 5th I can get my 4 teeth pulled to get my braces. Which
would be taking place during Mid-oct. So thats good.
I really have gaven up on people,they always let me down.
My real best friend is my dog Snowy,he's always happy to
see me and never tells on me to anyone..I love him.(no not
that way!) I love most of my friends too..which means I
don't wish to see anything bad to happen to them,thats what
I mean.
Running out of things to type,more later..