Pacifico: Rock's Modest Models
2003-02-07 19:06:07 (UTC)

in the studio baby

recording recording...........i finished my vocals. and
after 3 days everything is tracked. I actually screamed in
a song and Jon Ladd (7-10 split) said that it
sounded "cute" which I think is funny.

I am reading a book on the death clues of Paul McCartney
because supposedly he's dead and the guy we think is him is
an imposter most of the book is really funny but I am quite
enjoying it.

today I am going to go home and clean some and get things
straightened and then tonighI am helping Katelyn move. well
I am off


book- The Walrus was Paul
cd- Sixpense and None The Richer(new album
movie- Master of Disguise