Thoughts arrive like butterflies
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2003-02-07 18:59:32 (UTC)


My aunt had the baby last night. A boy. Good for them, one
of each.
Oh, and I watched Threads. That movie is very...scary. It's
about the the Cold War, and Sheffield being hit by...2
atomic bombs. All the while, those Protect and survive
clips are being showed. Right, so by hiding under a shelter
made of the kitchen door and a few cushions, we could
survive 200 megatons of atomic death.
I think otherwise.

Anyways it's a great film and I think everyon should be
made to watch it. i think the Americans had one out,
too. "The Day after". I've seen it. Frankly, it was shit.
Compared to threads. No where near as graphic. You can't
have a war film which isn't graphic.I think it was made
that way as to not scare the fragile minded Americans.

Miss K.R, "Hehe, I'm SOOOO bi-sexual", "I have a
boyfriend", "ooh, look at me I have *such* a dirty
mind", "I'm such a dirty slut", is actually oh-so
depressed. And she brought the pills to school, o prove it.b Yeah,
right. Coming into the room, rubbing your
temple and sighing does NOT mean you are depressed. I
really do like her, sometimes, but she's such an attention
whore. What is wrong with people these days? It's trés chic
to be depressed. Fuck off. If you want to be depressed,
realise what a fucking poser you are. Why don't you leave
the people with the real problems to get help. I know what
it's like to be depressed so don't you fucking dare come up
to me with scratches that hardly break your skin, quoting
Hole, black make make up smeared across your face, because
you know what? You won't get my sympathy.

I went out on a bit of a rant there but...I hate posers.I
hate attention whores.