Life as I know it.
2001-09-22 00:17:50 (UTC)

Drinking and what sometimes happens

So last night i went to my friend Jen's house cause her and
her roommate got a keg, and i felt like playing a little
beer pong and the such. So I go over and there are a TON of
people there, like a ton. So obvisously the beer runs out
and no one wants to pitch in money to get another Keg so
Jen and I left to go to her friends house who lives ass far
away, but we walk it cause we are pretty much trashed. We
get there and we had a a beer and it was just fucked up
really, so we left to go home and we ran into this guy Jen
used to go out with (think how i feel towards matt and this
is how she feels towards this guy). So he called us up
onto his porch, we drank a little, and he smoked us up. So
we go home, and then Jen remembers that she left her keys
in her place and she couldnt get back in. So we had this
great idea to lift her into her bedroom window, but that
didnt work, so we tried to break into her apt thru her
kitchen, didnt work either. THen we notoiced her roommates
bedroom light was on so we pounded on that so he would let
us in. WEll she gets in I decided to walk like back to my
apt...i dont remember walking home. I woek up at 2pm
missing a study i was supposed to do, so i was penalized
for that, hungover, and confused. And what am i doing
right now? Trying to find a party. With no luck. Cause
life sucks like that. So i figure i might have to do the
usual walk with friends around here to find a party. AND i
hate doing that, i hate it i hate it i hate it.