devils memoirs
2003-02-07 18:08:44 (UTC)

grrrr arrrggg

I am not sick today....YAY!!! im so happy ...fuck yea
right...i have a weeks worth of fuickin homework plus class
work to make up..GOD DAMN IT!!!!..its friday..it was nice
out the whole weekwh4en i was sick and now it has to snow
on friday right?YEA!!! so now i dont even have my books to
do my homework and now my lame ass fuckin teachers are
gonna bitch and be like "well you shouldve gottent he
homework ffrom a freind and got someone to pick up your
books for you...well hellOOOOOOim not gonna give out my
fuckin combonation to my freinds and iwas gonna pick up my
books today but i cant cause its a snow day and we had no
school today..this sux mean dick!!! fuck everything is
always goin wrong...im gonna be bored all weekend...damn it

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