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2003-02-07 17:50:13 (UTC)

In Desperation of help

Hi, I am writing today just to give a little of how its
been the last week or so....since the last time I wrote.
See, I am trying to send out letters and I have also got a
webpage someone gave me for free to publish my appeal of
what Im doing for God...Im trying to get a outreach hope
center built, for women and children, then one for men
later on....I need help like crazy, because I cant do it
myself....Later on tonight, Im going to get back on here
put in all the details about this outreach center that Im
going to have....I cant wait to get it started, but until
then, Ive got to depend on donations to get started,
because I have to buy the land, have the building built,
and this is going to all cost around $500,000. My husband
works offshore, but that isnt going to do it, because Im
really going to have to depend on help from above, in order
to make this thing happen...Please pray for me and my
family, and please pray that this building for us will come
to pass. Thankyou very much and God Bless, also, if you
would like to send donations for this project, please send
it to this address:

Rev. Myrtis Virginia Doucet
God's Outreach Hope Center
P.O. Box 11633
Alexandria, LA. 71315

Thankyou and God Bless, and tonight Im going to get back on
here and type up this whole appeal and all the details for
you to know about my hope center. Thankyou and God Bless,

Rev. Myrtis Virginia Doucet

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