Book of the Purple Faerie
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2003-02-07 17:43:33 (UTC)

Fuck it, Fuck it, Fuck it

The title gives away my mood nicely. I think it's the mood
that's spreading around campus like wildfire lately because
no one seems to really give a fuck anymore. We're all tired
and pissed and there doesn't seem to be anything we can do
about it.

Becky is sick of people being inconsiderate to one another.
Nothing we can really do to change that.

Hack can't get put into the general lottery due to the new
way that the University is handling rooming. No one likes
the new rooming policy, but admissions office doesn't seem
to mind.

Glatz's computer is broken and he might not be able to get
it fixed or replaced until Valentine's day. That's a REAL
fucking bitch.

And me, I'm just sick of everything right now. The dumb
construction crew, the rooming policy, and the fact that
more and more I think my prof's are all incompetent. Today,
I can't put up with it. I went to Linguistics and at lunch
decided I just didn't feel like sitting through all my
classes, pretending to pay attention but really not. I can
afford one miss day. So that's what I'm doing: fuck it. I'm
going to play Suikoden. Maybe over the weekend I'll regain
my drive.