Restless Comet Diary
2003-02-07 17:19:03 (UTC)

Roses of read,fall in my head.....lalalalala

Hello Hello!!Hey,I'm on a good mood today.I was at school
but not at all my classes,that's why I'm here earlier.I
just left because my teacher said I can.Anyway there were
physics classes and I don't know today's lesson hehe so is
better that I left.Before I went to school I was with my
mom to Bucharest.We woke up at 6 in the morning and went
there.She got her plane ticket ,she is leaving on Wednesday.

Tomorrow I have to wake up early too because I have to go
to school for the Romanian language contest.I hope it will
be fine.When I was in grade 8 I got the 4th place on the
county.This time I really want to get to the national
level.For this I need 1st place on the local level and then
1st place on the county level...I really want to get it so
I will do my best. 'brother",Florin called me "fa"....That's pretty
rude...but he told me he was mad.Not on me.Anyway I'm not
upset.I understand's ok...He helped me a lot...
:)see you tomorrow after my exam hehe