Scenes from a Marriage
2001-09-21 23:40:33 (UTC)

Friday, September 21st

Wow! My therapy session got pretty ugly yesterday, we
spent it talking about my mother, and how she has been
using my son to try to influence me on my decision of
staying with my husband and seeking full custody. On
Monday, hubby and I had gone, and the therapist was pleased
to hear that we were seeking full custody, and that she was
willing to support us anyway she could. Then Wednesday,
our son went because he had a big mad on with hubby and me
about everything. He went to the therapist who made him
understand what is going on and that he is not in danger of
losing his place in the family, in fact she told him it was
all his fault we wanted another kid, because he turned out
so great. It must have done the trick because he fixed us
a candle light dinner and asked hubby to coach his hockey
team even though that meant dropping down a level of play.

Now the "crazy" is sending e-mails this week, two so far,
wanting to know what we are going to do about seeing the
baby. She pretty much offered joint custody as long as we
answer her, but I think it is just a trick. If we had the
baby without court knowledge, she would get her back and
claim we abused her or something. We have our pre-trial
meeting with the attorney next Saturday so we can share
everything that has ever gone wrong in our lives that could
come up, so he knows ahead of time and can prepare.